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A New Path Forward

Innovative revenue solutions for hospitals & independent clinical labs.

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Building Alliances for Dramatic Change

ParadigmHealth is a full-service healthcare firm connecting independent labs with the nation’s leading hospital networks. We deliver leading-edge solutions to existing business models that emphasize clinical outcomes through prevention, accountability and technology.

A Model in Crisis

Since 2015, Independent Clinical Laboratories (ICLs) have been impacted with drastic reimbursement cuts in preventative-based diagnostics and, as a result, more than one-third of them have been forced to close. Hospitals continue to endure reimbursement cuts, increases in uncompensated care, and increases in compliance-related spending.

In fact…

As many as 600 rural hospitals are at risk of closure because of their finances.

At current closure rates, more than 1/4 of them will shut down in less than 10 years.

sources: Bloomberg and National Rural Health Association 

Growing Dominance of Hospital Labs

Hospital Lab Revenue 64%
Independent Lab Revenue 31%

By partnering these two entities (ICLs and Hospitals) using our proprietary solutions, we can (1) create better value for the patient, (2) engage a revenue stream that potentially saves the two much-needed medical resources and (3) create better compliance with documented outcomes for all of the stakeholders.


To address this seismic shift in the reimbursement landscape, we’ve developed a model to create better economies of scale, increase revenue potential, drive cost reductions, and produce documented economic/clinical outcomes. We deliver an innovative solution and build unique hospital/lab alliances for your operation.

How It Works


Wellness and prevention has rapidly expanded the utilization and coverage for Advanced Diagnostic Testing. Our programs use special billing provisions for specimens derived from outside the hospitals. These provisions make the clinical partnerships we’ve developed highly desirable for both rural and urban hospital systems.


Paradigm Healthcare Solutions Hospital Outreach Model (HOM) has been evaluated through numerous Healthcare Attorneys & Healthcare Regulatory agencies since February of 2015.

ACA Compliance

We partner Hospitals with ICLs utilizing a designated billing category under the Affordable Care Act and create opportunities from the law’s prevention, accountability and technology emphasis.

CMS Compliance

All provisions within our contract meet the most stringent CMS criteria for operating.

Attorney Reviewed

Model contract is crafted by leading healthcare attorneys and reviewed by a former OIG attorney.


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